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Scratch-made meals, artisan food and locally made gifts

Our 130 South Church Street location in downtown Spartanburg boasts not only a dine-in restaurant for breakfast and lunch, but also a market where you can pick up scratch-made meals, artisan food and locally made gifts. Most items are made in-house by our all-star team of chefs, but we also carry a curated selection of products made by other South Carolina specialty producers. See below for a few highlights or check out the full market menu below. Market hours are Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM - 4 PM.

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Market Menu

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Fresh Out of The Kitchen


Heat and Serve Entrees


Side Dishes

Soups and Stews

Desserts & Baked Goods

Fresh Salads, Dips & Snacks

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Special Add-Ons

Market Menu


Baked Spaghetti, Family Size - 16.95; Single - 7.95

Wishbone's classic recipe with extra lean ground beef, Italian sausage, fresh roma
tomatoes, mushrooms, and three cheeses

Beef Stroganoff, Family Size - 18.95; Single - 7.95

made with beef tenderloin, mushrooms, egg noodles and a rich cream sauce

Chicken Bog, Family Size - 16.95; Single - 7.95

with rice, chicken, andouille sausage & Italian sausage)

Chicken Parmesan, Family Size - 16.95; Single - 7.95

over a house-made marinara sauce with parmesan cheese, capers and angel hair pasta

Chicken Picatta, Family Size - 16.95; Single - 7.95

chicken breast over angel hair pasta in a rich lemon caper buerre blanc sauce

Chicken Tetrazzini, Family Size - 16.95; Single - 7.95

Our family classic - with natural chicken, fresh roma tomatoes, mushrooms, kalamtas and cheddar cheese

Lasagna - with Meat, Family Size - 16.95; Single - 7.95

with extra lean ground beef, Italian sausage, fresh roma tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and three cheeses)

Lasagna - Vegetarian, Family Size - 16.95; Single - 7.95

with spinach, zucchini, squash, carrots, celery, onions, broccoli & tomatoes in a rich cheese béchamel with ricotta & mozzarella

Meatloaf - Carolina Red, Family Size - 15.95; Single - 7.95

made with extra lean ground beef, seasoned with Original and Greek Yep! Shake, topped with Carolina Red BBQ Sauce

Meatloaf - Turkey & Spinach, Family Size - 18.95; Single - 7.95

made with lean ground turkey, spinach, feta cheese & Yep! Ranch seasoning

Mojo Baby Back Ribs, 18.95 (Full Rack)

Mojo marinated and glazed ribs; they fall right off the bone!

Muddy Creek Stirfry, Family Size - 16.95; Single - 7.95

Diced chicken with fresh broccoli, carrots, mixed peppers, red onions & sesame seeds tossed in our Asian sauce over fresh pineapple quinoa

Shepherd's Pie, Family Size - 18.95; Single - 7.95

made with lamb, extra lean ground beef, fresh mashed potatoes, corn, peas and topped with cheddar cheese

Quiche & Savory Pies

Chicken Pot Pie, Family Size - 18.95; Single - 7.95

with all natural chicken and fresh vegetables galore

Heirloom Tomato Pie, Family Size - 16.95; Single - 6.95

layers of fresh tomatoes, kalamata olives, basil, pimiento cheese & cheddar cheese

Quiche - Breakfast, Family Size - 19.95; Single - 6.95

with bacon, sausage & fresh tomatoes

Quiche - Chicken, Family Size - 19.95; Single - 6.95

with all natural chicken & fresh broccoli

Quiche - Crab, Family Size - 19.95; Single - 6.95

with crab & artichoke hearts

Quiche - Greek, Family Size - 16.95; Single - 5.95

with kalamata olives, feta cheese & artichoke hearts

Quiche - Tomato Basil, Family Size - 16.95; Single - 5.95

with sundried tomatoes, roma tomatoes & fresh basil

Quiche - Veggie, Family Size - 16.95; Single - 5.95

with spinach & mushrooms

Soups & Stews

Brunswick Stew, 12.95 (quart)

with shredded smoked pork, chicken, lima beans, corn, potatoes and tons of flavor

Cheeseburger Soup, 12.95 (quart)

with ground beef, fresh tomatoes & potatoes & cheddar cheese

Chicken Noodle Soup, 9.95 (quart)

with all natural chicken, pasta, fresh veggies & a flavorful broth

Chicken & Rice Soup, 9.95 (quart)

with all natural chicken, fresh veggies & herbs plus a hint of chardonnay

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup, 9.95 (quart)

with fresh chunky tomatoes, carrots & fresh basil

Healing Chicken Ginger Soup, 12.95 (quart)

with fresh ginger, lemongrass, cilantro & veggies

Hearty Vegetable Soup, 9.95 (quart)

with fresh roma tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, okra and more!

Italian Wedding Soup,

with homemade meatballs, fresh veggies, pasta & a fresh herb broth

Jambalaya, 15.95 (quart)

with crab, shrimp, chicken, fish, sausage, fresh tomatoes, veggies & peppers (one of Wishbone's favorite things to cook!)

Navy Bean & Ham Soup, 9.95 (quart)

with fresh veggies & smoked ham, the way Wishbone's mama taught him!

White Chicken Chili, 12.95 (quart)

with chicken, navy beans, & Blue Moon queso for a little kick!

Baked Goods (Freezer to Oven)

Cheddar & Herb Biscuits, 7.95 (dozen mini)

Cinnamon Roll Biscuits, 9.95 (6 count medium)

Fresh Strawberry Biscuits, $9.95 (dozen mini)

Ham Biscuits, 17.95 (dozen mini)

Side Dishes

Edamame Succotash, Family - 9.95; Single - 5.25

a wonderful healthy side dish featuring edamame, corn, and veggies galore!

Homestyle Cream Corn, Family - 9.95; Single - 5.25

our twist on the classic Southern cream style corn – ours has tons of fresh flavors, but will still make you feel like you are sitting at your grandmother’s kitchen table.

Pimiento Cheese Grits, Family - 9.95; Single - 5.25

delicious creamy grits with Blue Moon's handcrafted pimiento cheese for an extra punch of flavor!

Mac & Cheese: Blue Cheese, Family - 9.95; Single - 5.25

featuring blue, sharp cheddar, and ricotta cheeses, this Mac & Cheese has so much flavor, it won’t disappoint!

Mac & Cheese: Pimiento Cheese, Family - 9.95; Single - 5.25

incorporates sharp cheddar, ricotta cheese, and our scratch-made pimiento cheese to make it extra creamy & flavorful!

Mac & Cheese: Ranchero, Family - 9.95; Single - 5.25

A southwestern twist on mac & cheese with fresh tomatoes & jalapeños

Southern Style Collard Greens, Family - 9.95

slow cooked with apple cidar vinegar, bacon & Yep! seasonings

Stewed Okra & Tomatoes, Family - 9.95

with fresh garden tomatoes & okra, this dish is healthy & packed with flavor

Dips & Spreads

Fresh Salsa, 6.00 (16 OZ)

with amazing fresh flavors, ingredients and just the right amount of heat – it’s sure to be your next healthy addiction!

Chili Con Queso, 6.00 (8 OZ)

our twist on the classic Mexican cheese dip, featuring fresh jalapenos and flavor galore!

Pimiento Cheese, 6.00 (8 OZ)

try any of our signature pimiento cheese spreads: Original, Jalapeno, Blue Cheese or Mixed Olive

Simply Southern Chicken Salad: Classic, 7.00 (16 OZ)

with chicken, mayo, house-made
pickle relish, celery, bell pepper,
Dijon mustard and Yep! Shake Original

Simply Southern Chicken Salad: Apple Cranberry Pecan, 7.00 (16 OZ)

our classic chicken salad with roasted apples, sage, cranberries & spiced pecans

Salad Dressings, 6.00 (12 OZ)

we bottle and sell a variety of house-made salad dressings: Blue Cheese, Fresh Ranch, Parmesan Yep!Percorn, and Ranchero

Compound Butters, 6.00 (8 OZ)

we offer compound butters in a variety of unique flavors which are perfect for grilled meat, seafood & veggies: blue cheese butter, bourbon butter, capered greek butter & chimichurri butter


Buttermilk Pie, Family - 15.95; Single - 5.95

This recipe has been handed down for generations - a delicious custard pie that is simple, yet so delicious!

Chocolate Chess Pie, Family - 15.95; Single - 5.95

A rich chocolate custard pie with a hint of raspberry!

Hub Derby Pie, Family - 15.95; Single - 5.95

With the perfect marriage of chocolate chips and pecans, our Hub Derby Pie is gooey and oh-so-delicious!

Lemon Chess Pie, Family - 15.95; Single - 5.95

A southern style custard pie with a bright citrus flavor